Why Choose Us – Dubai Back And Sports Care Massage Therapy

What sets Dubai Back and Sports Care Massage Therapy apart from other massage therapy clinics in United Arab Emirates? The short answer: everything!

We have a unique treatment philosophy that focuses on each client, ensuring that you get the results you really want—and then some. We accomplish this by offering a wide range of massage treatments, staying current on new advances and research in the health field, and collaborating with physiotherapists and chiropractic practitioners in our own clinic.
Excellence in training, therapy, and support

Each of our massage therapists comes to Dubai Back and Sports Care Massage Therapy with training and experience in a wide variety of massage techniques , but we don’t stop there. Our staff continually takes part in an in-house training program to fine-tune and broaden their skills as they work.

We have male and female massage therapists available on virtually every shift, as well as friendly support staff to assist you. Our clinic managers are massage therapists themselves, so we know how to hand-pick talented practitioners. We also conduct regular reviews of the clinic to ensure that best practices are being observed at all times, maintaining the standard of excellence and effectiveness that is the foundation of our massage therapy philosophy.
Interdisciplinary care puts the best massage treatment right at our fingertips

Dubai Back and Sports Care Massage Therapy is one of the very few interdisciplinary health centers in United Arab Emirates, offering a unique approach to massage treatment. We view each patient as a whole human being, with unique health needs and a physical, emotional, and psychological makeup like no one else’s.

One massage doesn’t suit all: we’ll customize your therapy to meet your health conditions, physical symptoms, and preferences. Our staff includes skilled chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists, so professional referrals can happen within moments. Our therapists are able to consult with one another to determine the best course of treatment. We also accept and give referrals as part of a local medical referral network in our community.

Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or healing of a sports-related injury, our experts can quickly diagnose the problem and provide viable solutions. Best of all, you’ll save time running from one clinic to the next to see different practitioners, and you’ll receive the benefit of our versatile, well-rounded experience.
Convenience and accessibility

Located in the heart of Dubai, Dubai Back and Sports Care Massage Therapy is convenient and easy to find, with lot and street parking available for all clients. We also offer extended evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule.