Dubai Lomi Lomi Massage and How it Works

People sometimes ask, hey, what’s a Dubai Lomi Lomi massage? How do people perform it at the Blooming Lotus Massage? A Dubai Lomi Lomi massage usually starts with calmness between the client and our Dubai Massage Therapist, usually with the Massage Therapist’s hands lightly on the clients back. In the calmness, Therapist will quietly murmur a prayer or blessing for healing to occur to whatever part of the body that is being massaged. For this type of massage, there are no 2 massages that will be the same.

The massage is performed in rhythmic, fluid motion by using the forearms and hands. Some people described this feeling to be like gentle waves flowing over the body. A second feature is different areas of the body can be massaged simultaneously, for example, one hand or arm may be massaging a shoulder and the other can be working on the opposite hip. By doing so, this assists the person in feeling totally relaxed, as it is not possible, or at least extremely difficult, for the human brain to focus on two different places at once. Because of not working on isolated areas a sense of harmony and balance is achieved. Whilst technique is very important, the priority is always loving the body by using intuition, so the massage is always right for the client. The person on the table isn’t viewed as some person to be fixed, but someone to be returned to balance and harmony. It is important to always remember that the performer does not heal, but instead is the giver of the healing.

Full body and under body strokes help to free your energy, make the person’s body soft, which promotes abundant and free flow of life energy to the recipient. According to Hunan philosophy, our energy also is blocked in our joints. Gentle rotations of the joints and gentle stretches of the body are therefore incorporated also to assist the flow of energy and assist the release of tension, again not forcing, but feeling out the level of the person’s comfort or resistance. The massage may also feel to hum at various points while the Lomi Lomi massage is taking place, as the amplified and vibrating energy that results from the massage also helps to release blockages. People who have received this massage said that Dubai Massage Therapy helped them sync their spirit and body together as one and feel relaxation like no other.

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