Dubai Massage: Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a unique massage that Dubai Massage Therapy provides for pure relaxation and restoration of the soul. This is a wonderful and hot Massage by having the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, to place on certain spots on their body that will sooth the person while also massaging them. This gentle increase in temperature will totally relax and lift up tight muscles so our therapists at Dubai Massage Therapy can work more quickly and deeply.

Where did Stone Massage come from?

Dubai Massage Therapy hot stones are heated up by fire. Fire was also used by Native Americans to heal aching sore muscles, but the main idea of the rejuvenation of hot stones in massage is created by a woman in the name of Mary Nelson, a native from Arizona.

Dubai Massage Therapy knows that hot stone Massage is not as easy as it sounds, that is why we only have skilled certified Therapists that have been Massaging for years doing these types of Massages. A hot stone massage can only be properly given by a certified Therapist because of the difficulty to make sure all the procedures are followed. Dubai Massage Therapy can say from experience that people remember the Hot Stone Massage the most because of the unique special feeling they received from the Massage.

Hot Stone Massage, how does it work:

Simple application of hot stones to the skin is beneficial but the effects are intensified when gentle pressure and massage are used. The heat energy radiating from the stones is carried by the blood into the deeper layers of the body stimulating the circulatory system and metabolic processes.
The longer the warm stones stay on the body, the deeper the penetration of the muscle tissue and joints. The heat results in the increased blood flow causing vasodilatation (widening) of the blood vessels. This in turn allows for an improved delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products (detoxification) from the various parts and tissues of the body. The presence of red and white blood cells increases and the raised levels of oxygen in the area improve cell metabolism by 10 – 15%.
The heat from the stones helps the energy flow through the body and promotes a meditative and calm state.

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