Dubai Massage Therapy: Esalen massage

The effects of this mesmerizing touch, categorized as “stress/wellness treatment massage“, ranges in a wide variety. For several people Esalen Massage can bring a rejuvenated sense of health; others may sense safety and wellbeing while the healing therapy is taking place. Esalen massages often brings awareness and relaxation to individuals. It shows a path of return to people’s minds, a switch from everyday stress, into a more calm, more color enriched space the Dubai Massage therapy brings to the mind.
The roots of this fantastic massage are endless: it was informed by sensory awareness, Swedish massage, meditation. Dubai Therapy Esalen Massage is a more energy based massage therapy and each practitioner translates this into his/her personal form of style.

This allows for an individual to regain a sense of harmony, relaxation, and balance, and to awaken healing. It is not unusual to hear, “I have never felt something so good before in my whole life.”

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